The Engineering, Operations, and Real Estate Groups within the Public Works Department work together in coordination with other City partners to manage the current and emerging needs of City roadways.

The Transportation Division manages standalone and Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) roadway construction projects which are often large long-term projects with a variety of funding sources (grants, state, federal). The Traffic Engineering Division is responsible for planning, design, and review of roads, streets, and highways to ensure the safe and efficient movement of vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic throughout the City.

These two divisions are supported by the Surveys Bureau, Construction Bureau, Real Estate Group, and others who document property boundaries, measure land features, inspect construction, and acquire necessary land parcels. Project managers ensure that plans are reviewed and inspected, including review by the Traffic Operations Management Bureau who is responsible for maintenance and repair of signage, signals, lighting and markings after the project has been completed.

Upon completion of construction, roadway projects are handed off to the Operations Group (or other City agency, if applicable) for maintenance and repair which includes annual paving, snow removal, roadway repairs, sign and pavement marking repairs; inspection and maintenance of traffic signals, bridge lighting, streetlights, crosswalk signals and school zone lights; performance of annual traffic counts; and management of annual service contracts for additional support.