Annual Paving Plan

The City of Virginia Beach is responsible for a roadway network of more than 3600 lane miles (1900 centerline miles). Every five years, the City of Virginia Beach procures services to collect condition information by driving identified roads in a specialized vehicle that records video and GPS data to provide an “at the moment” look at the City’s pavement. 

The collected data is analyzed and used to create a pavement condition index (PCI) and a recommended 5-year program. Using this data and reported deficiencies, an annual Paving Plan is developed with the goal of preserving the City’s roadways through a variety of preventative and corrective preservation methods. In addition to extending the service life of the road, improved roadways also improve ride quality and road safety.

Street Sweeping

Street sweeping is an effective way to prevent street pollutants from entering our Virginia Beach storm drains, watersheds, and beaches, while keeping our streets and gutters looking great! The Operations Group utilizes a third party contractor, via City contract, to perform seven complete street sweeping cycles on an annual basis.

Street sweeping occurs between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. To increase the effectiveness of this operation, Public Works requests that residents refrain from parking on the street during the week their neighborhood is scheduled to be swept.

For questions or concerns, contact Program Manager Joshua Larson by phone at (757) 385-1525 or email

Winter Maintenance Program

This winter maintenance plan sets out a policy and procedural framework for ensuring that the City of Virginia Beach continuously improves the safe and sustainable delivery of winter maintenance services and the effective and efficient use of road salt in winter maintenance operations. Intended to be dynamic, the plan allows the City to evaluate and phase-in changes and new approaches or technologies in a fiscally sound manner while ensuring that roadway safety is not compromised.

Public Works Operations endeavors to maintain mobility on priority 1 and priority 2 streets. During snowfall, crews concentrate on keeping the main arterials (Priority 1) passable for public transportation and emergency vehicles. After snow stops falling, crews concentrate on clearing snow from priority 1 & 2 streets for general public use as promptly as possible. 

Neighborhood streets are not cleared as parked vehicles and other safety considerations do not make snow removal from these streets practical or cost effective.