Request Mosquito Yard Inspection and Services

To request yard inspections and services from the Mosquito Control Bureau please call (757) 385-1470.

A Mosquito Control Bureau employee will visit your property and inspect the yard for any breeding sites and adult mosquitoes.

Areas that are breeding mosquitoes will be identified and eliminated, if possible. The inspector will also provide you with an informational pamphlet about mosquitoes and ways for homeowners to control mosquitoes on their property. If adult mosquitoes are found active during the visit the inspector can treat the area and give you information on ways that you can control any further problems.

You will need to be present and sign a consent form before any treatments occur. This treatment service is for one application between May and October.

To learn where nighttime mosquito spraying will occur, call (757) 385-1590 (updated daily at 3 p.m.) or check the mosquito spraying map.

Mosquito Life & Treatment Cycles

Mosquitos have four stages in their life cycle: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The first three stages occur in water, which is why managing or treating stagnant water is so important in controlling the mosquito population. 

Mosquitos breed in tree holes and artificial containers (like buckets, flowerpots, bird baths, clogged rain gutters, uncovered boats, and unchlorinated pools) that catch and hold water for over one week. 

The Mosquito Control Bureau performs different types of proactive and reactive maintenance over the course of the year: testing, adulticiding, ditch maintenance, and larviciding.