Buses, charter buses and recreational vehicles can park in oversized parking spaces at the 4th Street, Croatan and Little Island lots. Bus parking is not available at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.

4th Street Lot

4th Street Lot
306 4th Street

  • 55 Regular spaces
  • 10 Oversized spaces
  • Daily: $15
  • Overnight: $25

In the Resort Area, overnight parking for oversized vehicles is permitted only at the 4th Street Lot. Overnight parkers are not permitted to sleep in vehicles.

Oversized parking spaces are 25 feet long to accommodate large vehicles and vehicles with trailers. Standard size vehicles are prohibited from parking in oversized spaces. Vehicles can not take up more than one parking space.

Charter Bus Drop Offs

A bus drop off with 15-minute parking is located on the northwest corner of 19th Street and Arctic Avenue.

The parking or stopping of any charter bus for the purpose of picking up or discharging passengers is prohibited between the Friday immediately preceding Memorial Day and the Tuesday immediately following Labor Day, inclusive of every calendar year on all municipal parking lots and all public streets in an area bounded on the west by Birdneck Road, on the south by Rudee Inlet and Lake Rudee, and on the east and north by the boundaries of Districts 5 & 6.

  • A charter bus is defined as any motor vehicle having a seating capacity in excess of six passengers which undertakes to transport people for compensation, not including public transportation agency buses.