The Public Works Fleet Management Group manages the full life cycle of all City owned or leased licensed and unlicensed motor vehicles and on/off-road equipment (public safety vehicles, refuse collection trucks, beach cleaners, sewer cleaners, street sweepers, construction equipment, asphalt pavers, snowplows, traffic message board, lawn equipment, aviation equipment, marine equipment and generators). 

The vehicle and equipment life cycle includes acquisition (replacement recommendations, bid specifications, delivery verification, payment processing, in-service preparation), maintenance (scheduled preventative maintenance), repair (unscheduled repairs and accident assessment and repair), and disposal (decommission and disposal of surplus fleet assets through auction process).

Public Works Fleet Management also manages the City’s fuel resources (diesel, diesel exhaust fluid, jet aviation, unleaded), fuel facilities and storage tanks; provides service satellite locations at the City’s Operations facility, the City Landfill and Resource Recovery Center, and Waste Management Collections facility; provides 24-hour wrecker/tow service, and manages the Motor Pool rental fleet.

  • Support Division
    • Finance & Budget Bureau
      • Contract / Agreement Support & Asset Management
      • Fuels Support
      • Accounting
    • Administrative Services
    • Fuel Operations
    • Technical Services
    • Service Office
      • Motor Pool
      • Customer Service
      • Body Shop
  • Operations Division
    • Helicopter Shop
    • Heavy Duty Shop
      • Tow
    • Light Duty Shop
    • Fire Shop
    • Ambulance Shop
    • Marine, Small Engine, Generator Shop
      • Marine Team
      • Small Engine Team
      • Generator Team
    • Waste Management Annexes
      • Collections (Holland Rd.)
      • Disposal (Jake Sears Rd.)
    • PW/PU Annex (Dam Neck Rd.)