Staff receive, record, investigate, and resolve reports of deficiencies that require maintenance, repair, and restoration. Assets managed include: all public roadways, bridges, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, traffic signs, traffic signals, stormwater pipes, swales, roadside and off-road ditch network, canals, stormwater best management practices (BMP), public beaches, and the Rudee Inlet. 

Public Works uses asset management methods to determine necessary maintenance cycles, identify required engineering needs, and develop solutions to support the life cycle of the public infrastructure. The Group is comprised of three divisions: Stormwater Operations, and Streets & Traffic Operations, and Operations Management.

The Operations Group also provide support for numerous special events annually (>120), including traffic management plan development and beach function support and set-up. The group coordinates with the Resort Management Office, Police Department, Office of Emergency Management (OEM), and state and federal agencies. 

Operations Group staff work closely with OEM during emergency events (snow, hurricanes, flooding, etc.) and manage/oversee emergency support contractors during response, recover, and reimbursement following storms/disasters.

  • Operations Management Division
    • Infrastructure Maintenance Support Bureau
    • Operations Management Support Bureau
    • Technical Services and Asset Management Bureau
    • Contracts and Inspections Bureau
  • Stormwater Operations Division
  • Field Maintenance Bureau
    • Planning and Estimating Team
    • Stormwater Utility Maintenance Team
    • Stormwater Management Facilities Inspections and Spill Response Team
    • Street Sweeping (in-house) Team
    • Flood Prevention Programs Team
  • Construction and Engineering Bureau
  • Mosquito Control Bureau
    • Mosquito Lab Team
    • Mosquito Field Staff Team
  • Streets and Highways Division
    • Street Maintenance Bureau
      • Concrete Repairs Team
      • Asphalt Repairs Team
      • Planning and Estimating Team
  • Dredge Maintenance Bureau
  • Bridge Maintenance Bureau
  • Beach Operations Bureau
  • Traffic Management Operations Bureau
    • Signal Shop
    • Signal Timing Shop
    • Signs and Markings Shop
    • Infrastructure Shop