The Flood Model Visualization & Exposure Tool

The flood model visualization and exposure tool is an interactive application that displays flood model results through Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping for various flood scenarios. 

By providing this tool, the City aims to foster a better understanding of the necessity and value of FPP projects.

Screenshot of the flood model visualization tool showing impacts before and after mitigation projects

What does this mean?

A flood model is a technology-based tool that helps the City predict the areas and extent of flooding that might occur during various storm events. The flood exposure data reveals information about the buildings, infrastructure, and resources that could be impacted by such storm events.

This tool simplifies access to flood model results for residents in an easy-to-understand format. Plus, it provides essential information related to the City’s FPP projects.

More FPP projects will be added to the tool as final design model results become available.

Getting Started

Residents are invited to explore and utilize the flood model visualization and exposure tool today. Equip yourself with the knowledge it provides, understand the risks and our proactive measures, and become an active participant in our shared mission of keeping Virginia Beach safe. 

Review the tool instructions and test drive the tool for yourself!


Please note, the data displayed in the flood model visualization and exposure tool are based on computer models that illustrate certain design storms for demonstrative purposes only. These models do not precisely predict the specific impacts of actual future storm or flooding events. As such, they should not be solely relied upon for critical decision making or planning.